Improve the quality of your life through nutrition with tasty bites of authentic traditional foods from Vanuatu.

Vanukai Honey

Our products:

  •  Are high in antioxidants.
  •  Are tested scientifically for proven health benefits.
  •  Are produced in a HACCP certified facility.
  •  Meet international food safety standards.
  •  Tastes great with no artificial flavours added.

In 2007, I had a clear vision and a relentless passion that drove me to create Vanuatu Direct. Thanks to the team of amazing people around me that have worked tirelessly and shared the vision, we are now able to bring the fantastic flavors and amazing health properties of our foods from the South Pacific, directly to you.

The people of Vanuatu are fiercely protective of “mother land”. It has sustained them with a rich harvest throughout the seasons. It has built a strong and proud nation. The tropical climate and deep volcanic soils are home to many exotic flowers, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Vanuatu is truly a rare gem of unpolluted land and water, nothing artificial, an all natural balanced ecosystem in the South Pacific.

We believe in the strong bonds of family and community. Our approach is to sit and listen, work with and mentor our farming communities. Our long term partnerships ensure that we are supplied with the best products. It also means that our farmers are able to produce premium quality and receive the best price for their crops.

We know that our consumers appreciate being part of this living legacy.

And finally, a special thanks to my family for teaching me that the foundation of all relationships is built on honesty and trust. I continue to honor this tradition by building relationships with our farmers, our communities and our customers.

Let food be thy medicine…. Hippocrates
Cornelia Wiley
Vanukai Honey

Vanu’kai Honey

Pure silky smooth runny honey from a blend of exotic tropical flowers.

Naturkai Healthy Bites

Natur’kai Healthy Bites

This is traditional tribal food. Selected root crops rolled in leaf and infused with organic spices and cooked with coconut cream.

Spicy  Kai Cannibal Sauce

Spicy’ kai Cannibal Sauce

This is a seriously good all fruit sweet chilli sauce with nothing artificial added. You will discover that we also have a great sense of humor.

The Vanu’kai honey story

Bees in tropical Vanuatu are cared for in an extra special way. Hives are protected and inspected regularly to ensure that there are no diseases. The health of the bee and those that look after them is paramount.

No chemicals are used in the environment or in the hive.

We guarantee this through external certification.

Vanu’kai honey includes many different exotic flora sources. It includes nectar collected from coconut palms, plantation flowers and the rainforest. The honey is not heat treated and the filter allows the identification of pollen grains. The first thing you will notice is the exceptionally smooth mouth feel.

Our certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) factory ensures that we not only meet international food safety standards, but can also identify which bee house has supplied the honey in each pouch. The honey flows occur twice a year in Vanuatu.

Our apiarist Gilbert trains and mentors the local bee keepers that supply us.

The Vanu’kai honey benefits

Traditional Vanuatu farming systems are in harmony with nature. The bees forage in areas where there are absolutely no chemicals used. Vanu’kai honey has a naturally high HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural) value. It is not heat treated.

Vanu’kai is sweeter than honey collected from temperate climates. It is pure honey with no other sugar or glucose added. This contributes to the smooth melt-in-the-mouth feel.

Medicinally honey is a complex sweetener that is high in antioxidants.

We have found that Vanu’kai honey benefits are typically much more effective than temperate climate honeys when used both internally and externally for various health ailments.

Every honey flow is analyzed to make sure it meets international food standard Codex requirements.

The results are available on request. It takes bees approximately 1 million flower visits to produce one pouch of honey. There is a limited amount of honey available from two flows through the year.

Each year the honey has slight variations due to different seasonal influences. The variation is in the color and flavour but not in the quality.

Why should I buy your product?

Vanuatu Direct Ltd is the worlds greatest supplier of South Pacific (indigenous) tribal foods with high health benefits ( measured in ORAC levels). Greatest being uniqueness.

Our customers feel like family and we will treat you with respect. Our farmers are equally important and are part of a program that ensures that they get the best price possible for their inputs.

We honor our commitments every time, without exception.

Is there scientific proof of your claims?

Yes there is. Please fill in the contact form below to request it and we'll send it directly to your inbox.

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What happens when my order is late?

Please contact us with your order number and dispatch tracking number. If your goods have not been delivered we will send a replacement at no extra cost.

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We are extremely loyal to our customers and reward them first time offers and priority ordering.

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